Unnecessary Surgery

10 Feb Unnecessary Surgery

A 2013 USAToday Article on Unnecessary Surgery claims that as many as 10 to 20% of surgeries are unnecessary. While the article sites a case where a gentleman gets an unnecessary pace maker by a provider who was defrauding the system, it states that the vast majority of unnecessary surgeries are a result of doctors who:

simply lack the competence or training to recognize when a surgical procedure can be avoided, either because the medical facts don't warrant it or because there are non-surgical treatments that would better serve the patient.

In the world of Workers Compensation it happens more than you think. A patient suffers a minor back injury and is sent very early to get an MRI. The MRI could have a finding that looks like it could be the cause of the pain. All too often, it is not the cause and with conservative treatment, the injured worker would recover in a short period of time, however once the film show an anomaly (which has likely been there for years) the physician starts to think surgery is necessary and the patient believes he needs it.

That is why it is important to intervene early in the claim to present the MRI from occurring before there is really evidence of a lack of healing. Aptus Risk Services provides pre-diagnostic services that can prevent MRIs from occurring too soon. If interested in exploring how we may be able to help you reduce workers compensation costs through this service or others we offer, contact us at info@aptusrisk.com

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