Casey Minghelli


Casey Minghelli is the Consulting Coordinator at Aptus Risk Solutions, Inc., a workers’ compensation consulting firm focusing on litigation management & medical cost containment. She works directly with our adjusters in processing medical referrals for our clients.  In this position, she works with the claim adjusters, attorneys and doctors to expedite the process in the Worker’s compensation medical process to ensure that our client receives the best assessment on an individual basis.  She works with our panel of clients in pulling medical records and organizing the details to provide the most information possible to assist in review in our pre-diagnostic reviews.

Casey has been with Aptus since 2015. With a focus on innovation and delivering bottom line results, Ms. Minghelli has had a hand in audits and reviews, litigation management, oversight of pre-diagnostic reviews, scheduling and billing. She assists in helping employers manage and reduce worker’s compensation claim costs while keeping a better outcome for injured workers.

Casey is very detail oriented at Aptus. She is friendly, concise and always services customers above and beyond their expectations. She understands what it means to cultivate relationships with current and potential clients and has some background in starting her own small business.