Every time we access a long term memory, it gets rewritten, with new errors, back into memory. The mere act of remembering something from long ago actually changes that memory. This is a common source of one of the most interesting errors, the false memory.

Aptus Risk Service’s MyWords is a revolutionary workplace incident video reporting tool that permits a worker to report his or her incident totally free from outside interference in a format that can be viewed by anyone involved in the claim including safety, medical and vocational experts and the court.


A video interview can serve many purposes:

  • It eliminates recorder bias that can occur when the supervisor is translating the information from the employee.
  • It memorializes the conversation in close proximity to the incident in order to prevent the natural memory errors that occur over time.
  • It creates more of a personal connection between the injured worker and the adjuster resulting in a more personal empathetic approach to the claim.
  • It provides the adjuster the ability to see the injured worker and hear them tell their own story and provides the adjusters with much more information that the 2 dimensional first report of injury. The adjuster can validate the injury description, gauge the seriousness of the injury and get clues to the injured worker’s disposition and demeanor.
  • Should a claim controversy arise, the video report will prevent exaggeration or changing the story later and limits the scope of injury and treatment, thus reducing litigation costs and allowing for quicker claims resolution.
  • It provides technology to record the actual facts of the incident without the laborious and ineffective process of relaying and manually recording information and attempting to turn it into reportable soundbites of information.

Using our program can help reduce attorney involvement, improve medical outcomes, enhance clinical program penetration, and speed return to work.


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