For many years, rising medical costs have been a leading driver of workers’ compensation claim severity. Across the US, Aptus helps clients reign in medical costs by using case reviews and supporting analytics to pinpoint breakdowns in care at any phase along the continuum from initial consultation and diagnosis through treatment.

  • From detecting patterns of unnecessary patient referrals for diagnostic services to inaccurate diagnoses and treatment therapies that deviate from evidence-based protocols, Aptus consistently identifies breakdowns in care that result in suboptimal patient outcomes and elevated costs.
  • Drawing on the expertise of a panel of prominent physicians across numerous medical specialties and subspecialties, Aptus delivers solutions that improve care quality, drive down costs, and comply with state specific workers’ compensation medical protocols.
  • Through our Pre-Diagnostic Reviews, we have been able to identify that roughly 75% of MRIs/CT Scans ordered by physicians are unnecessary at the time they are ordered. We work to reduce the authorization of unnecessary diagnostics, and as a result see a reduction in the iatrogenic effects of inappropriate testing, and ultimately, a reduction in the frequency of surgical intervention and the accompanying costs for our clients.