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Aptus Risk Solutions assists its clients in mitigating workers’ compensation program costs by developing and providing specialized consulting services in the areas of medical cost containment and claims/legal management. Aptus employs high level experts from all segments of the workers’ compensation industry who have experienced the industry from numerous vantage points including: adjuster/third party administrator, self-insured clients, law firm, brokerage consulting, analytics, and medical management. By combining vast experience with proven approaches, Aptus Risk Solutions helps employers manage and reduce worker’s compensation claims costs, while keeping a better outcome for injured workers in our sights.

Medical Cost Containment Services

  • Pre-Diagnostic necessity review utilizing highly credentialed actively practicing sub specialized physicians
  • Assist claims in packaging and delivery of relevant documentation to Utilization Review vendors when appropriate
  • Scheduling and provision of diagnostics when appropriate, using exclusively fellowship trained and sub specialized radiologists for all interpretations
  • Post-Diagnostic review by highly credentialed practicing sub specialized physicians to assess pathology for causation purposes and to recommend the appropriate course of treatment
  • Highly specialized independent medical reviews performed by highly credentialed actively practicing sub specialized physicians
  • Independent medical record reviews and physical examinations for Defense Based Act and Longshore Act claims 

Claims/Legal Management

  • Perform Legacy Claim Closure projects
  • Provide Claims/Legal Program assessment
  • Render Claims/Legal program design and management
  • Legal panel assessment and design